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Windows Movie Maker 12

I’ve been using Windows Movie Maker for a very long time now.  And well not much has changed over the years.  But one thing is sure is that it’s free and can be simple to use!

First let me say that it can get the job done!  If you have single files that you want to merge, it can do it. If you want to cut, clip, a single file, maybe add a picture, or add or change audio – it is capable of it.  I have even been able to edit and save 1080p at 60fps using it.  It does have some nice transition features as well and the ability to add text, effects, credits, etc.

I guess that’s all that I can really say good about this software.  Sorry…

When loading the files, it takes a long time to load the files before editing. When starting, like I do, insert and sync your audios, export to one large file and exit.  Open and import the new file just created.  Now edit, clip, merge, etc.  Export, upload, done.

Things you can’t do:  Insert a picture onto a video – yea I haven’t figured that one out yet!  You can’t have a video on top of a video or have a like PIP going on.  Also, it’s a little disappointing that it hasn’t really been updated since 2012.

It is included with Windows Essentials 2012.  Which can be downloaded here.

Overall I’d give it a score of 6/10 but I use it all the time.

I want Adobe Premiere Elements but with a yearly upgrade of around $80 it seems expensive at the moment so this works for me at the moment.