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TASCAM DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder

Let me first off in saying that this little guy is just awesome!  I can’t really fully compliment it enough!  The device can be as simple or as advanced as needed.

Dual on board omni-directional microphones are able to pickup just about anything at any distance!  A stereo capable microphone port and an additional headphone port allows monitoring volumes in real time if desired!

Uses for this that are suggested by the manufacture are lectures, speeches, concerts, individual instrument recording, increasing video’s audio quality, etc.  The list of application can go on and on!  But lets talk about how I’ve used it.

To create some of my first YouTube videos, I was using a Sportcam that did 720p @ 60fps but with crappy audio it was making my videos suffer.  So for my YouTube professionalism, this was my first upgrade.

I purchased an additional mount and this recorder sits just below my camera.  When I start recording, I clap three times to sync the audio with the video’s audio and then mute the video’s audio when editing.  It’s simple enough of a process but audio quality is a HUGE factor of any YouTube video!

I had one video that I wanted to record outdoors.  I purchased a lapel mic by Neewer on Amazon.  A package of 3 sell for around $5 and is an incredible value!  So I put on the lapel mic and put the TASCAM in my pocket for the entire length of the video.  I recorded in the late afternoon for ideal lighting but I live on a high traffic road.  The camera’s audio didn’t pick me up much at all besides traffic, nature, and a train.  The lapel mic has a windsock and didn’t pick up anything besides my voice.  This brings me, the subject matter of the video, out in clear attention and makes the viewer focus on what I’m talking about and doing.  Without the TASCAM people would only have seen the traffic, scooters, etc as the audio was that distracting!

neewer lapel mic

Using two AA batteries for me this is a HUGE plus as they are available just about anywhere!  Also, in the 6 months that I’ve owned it, it is still registering full power and haven’t needed to change the batteries.

I’d consider myself being an avid YouTube video watcher I have seen many people have high quality video but when the audio is lacking, I no longer have an interest in watching!  Wind noise or uneven audio levels or anything that makes me want to turn the volume down quickly really pisses me off thus losing my interest!

I’m rating this device at a 10/10.  This is the device, that if used properly, can turn crappy audio into amazing work!  With over 6 months of use and several hours of recording, I haven’t found anything wrong and I can’t find a complaint about it!

tascam dr05tascam dr05 2