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Canon VIXIA HF R600

It’s not very often that I buy a digital camera but when I do I generally have some very weird features that I’m looking for.  And for this round I in particular was seeking 2: 60fps @ 1080p & NO wide angle lens.

While the first feature I was looking raises the price of ANY camera quality is an inherited feature with it.  The second feature ended up being a very hard feature to find!  I had purchased a JVC and went to the store and tried many others finding that a wide or super wide angle lens is becoming standard on many consumer models!  For doing Youtube videos, I am seated indoors at a table and the JVC made that table look round!  It was horrible!  I’m glad that my vendor allowed me to return it!

After tons of research and watching demos and reading on some of the best suggestions for making and creating Youtube videos I decided to go ahead with this camera.  The cost was just a little above my requirement but I decided to squeeze and go ahead.  And overall I must say that I’m glad that I did!

To date, I’ve made several videos for my Youtube channel that are indoors and outdoors.  I did buy a soft-box with 2 very large LED 6k bulbs (200 watt equivalents) and I installed 2 LED 6k bulbs (60 watt equivalents) in the ceiling all for indoor recording.  It really was overkill but they do increase the less likelihood of shadows and help light up the subject matter in my videos.

Now for my videos I use a tripod.  The screen on the camera flips around so I can view myself from in front of it.  The options in the camera allow me to turn on a grid for alignment so I can be off center.  So I haven’t used the camera very much holding it or moving just yet.  My experience so far is over 5 months and I will write up on what I can.

So lets start with the screen, white its a little tiny, it is VERY crisp, clear, and bright!  The touch on the screen is responsive and instant with no delay.  The JVC unit that I had purchased had a screen that after each tough it would take 5-30 seconds to respond!  In the store I had also found that several models were 1-3 seconds on the response and not instant.  In this model, Canon did very well with it’s processing power!  Each touch responds instantly and you can get actions completely with no wait time.  Only problem I have had is that my fingers are big and it’s a little screen but that’s a me problem, not the camera’s so sometimes I click things on accident.  Setting the camera to it’s max resolution of 1080p @ 60fps was simple and straight forward.

Other advanced features on the camera are HDMI out, 3.5mm Mic Port in, and 3.5mm headphone jack out!  The mic port isn’t amplified so if you have a mic, make sure it’s powered.  There is a on camera control for mic volume that can be changed while recording.  On the front of the camera there are dual microphones that face forward.  They are decent for indoors but while they are only little hole with no protection they are very susceptible to wind noise anywhere you are!

Before purchase of this camera I already owned a TASCAM DR-05 for audio recordings so comparing the two is a little unfair but I still did and will!  The Canon does a decent job of recording stereo.  The levels are fair and the range is decent.  But in comparison to the TASCAM, it is capable of picking up a wider range of audio.  While I don’t have exactly the deepest voice, it is deep.  The Canon seemed to not be able to pick up the full range of my voice and when listening on my videos, you can hear more bass with the TASCAM.  For higher range audio I headed outdoors.  While I live in the downtown area, in the middle of summer the locus can be very loud as well as crickets, trains, and other automobiles.  The Canon didn’t seem to be able to pick up the highs either.  The audio recording is great for an average consumer recording regular events but if you’re looking for supreme audio like I do, you’ll want a secondary sound source!  —  Please be aware that I am overly critical of sound quality and you could call me an audiophile so this difference that I found would be unnoticed by most.  (I will have a review of the TASCAM coming soon in a different article.)  The TASCAM frequency response is 20Hz to 40kHz while the Canon is well undocumented at this moment…

I did go to our local zoo to test out the IS and 57x zoom.  What I have to say is that it is simply amazing!  The quality and stability of this camera’s image is supreme!  It makes me feel like I can achieve almost anything with it!  In our local zoo they installed a ski lift that gives you an over look at an African exhibit.  They didn’t make the lift go over it but more like around and off to the side of it.  So not exactly close by any means!  The lift is very bouncy and windy as well.  Maxed out on the zoom, the camera puts you up in there and manages to smooth out the jitters of your hand as well as the lift!  Simply amazing!  While I was mostly disappointed with the short ride, the camera out performed this what I felt was a difficult test!

The battery life is amazing at about 45-60 minutes of use per charge!  I purchased 2x additional batteries from Amazon, but make sure you buy the “intelligent” batteries for max life and live instant details.

Memory storage is on an SD card and currently I have 2x 64gb SDXC that record about 60 minutes each.

Overall I would rate this camera a 9.5/10.  My only complaint is the wind noise that the camera is susceptible to.

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