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Remove ‘Get Windows 10’

So as many know any current windows OS has auto downloaded Windows 10 in the background.  This can consume upwards of over 8gbs of data, create an annoying icon in the taskbar and even do a few pop ups every now and then.  It will also continually upgrade windows 10 in the background even if you don’t have it installed.  I have a couple servers that run video surveillance systems and the software isn’t compatible beyond Windows 7 so this upgrade is annoying and taking up much needed space!

So I’ve found a solution in a program called GWX_Control_Panel.  This program can be found at:  I suggest just using stand alone.  And it is simply quite straightforward to use!

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PS – Don’t use this program if you already have windows 10!  This article is written for 7, 8, & 8.1.      dumbasses…