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Windows Movie Maker 12

I’ve been using Windows Movie Maker for a very long time now.  And well not much has changed over the years.  But one thing is sure is that it’s free and can be simple to use! First let me say that it can get the job done!  If you have single files that you want…

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Remove ‘Get Windows 10’

So as many know any current windows OS has auto downloaded Windows 10 in the background.  This can consume upwards of over 8gbs of data, create an annoying icon in the taskbar and even do a few pop ups every now and then.  It will also continually upgrade windows 10 in the background even if…

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Windows 10 in 2016

Let me start off by saying Windows 10 is a great upgrade for Microsoft!  Boom done – great write up right? Yea well, you’re not going get that little from me!  Windows 10 is essentially a upgrade from Windows 7.  It will feel very comfortable for the many as it is based on the desktop…

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